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  • "Those were the best seats ever."Gladys F. 2006
  • "I've gone to 2 games so far this season, including a Boston game and was surprised both times with the great seating I got for the price. Thanks for a great time!"Karen E. 2006
  • "Great seats, at a great price! I got some great pictures! Thank You, Yankees Fan Discount!"Xander D. 2006
  • "It's a great deal!"Gar C. 2006
  • "It was excellent, especially for a playoff game! The location of the seats
    was exactly where we were told they would be. We want World Series
    Peggy H. (Game 1 – 2006 A.L.D.S.)
  • "Great people! They get the games you ask for, great service and good to work with!!" - Michelle T. 2006
  • "Ever since I found Yankees Fan Discount I have been able to get last
    minute tickets for good seats at a reasonable price. Also, just because
    you do not see the tickets available on the web site does not mean they can not get
    them for you, so if you don't see what you want ask. On more than one
    occasion they came through for me."
    Scott I. 2006
  • "I caught a home run at Yankee Stadium in the Right Field Bleachers. Thank you YankeesFanDiscount.com / NYSportsTix.com"Anthony L. 2007
  • "Pretty good seats at Yankee Stadium"Joe L. 2007
  • "Thank you for the good seats on such short notice and good customer
    service also"
    Jason L. 2007
  • "I caught A-Rod's 2-run home run ball on Easter Sunday 2007. Thank you
    YankeesFanDiscount.com for a memory of a lifetime"
    Frank R. 2007
  • "We had a great time at a great game. Thank you for the opportunity to see
    the game for free"
    Hector R., Jr. 2007

  • "We had a blast at the Yankees game. Thank you for the free tickets. We
    would love to do it again"
    Lindsay A. 2007
  • "We had a great time at the game.  Thank you very much YankeesFanDiscount.com" – Frank F. 2007
  • "Fantastic game at Yankee Stadium.  The seats downstairs by First Base were awesome." – Bobby B. 2007
  • "Wow, what a great game at Yankee Stadium.  Thanks for the free tickets." – Tom P. 2007
  • "Great communication.  Awesome service.  Great seller of tickets.  Will do business with again.  I give an A+++++" – Nelson P. 2007
  • "Thanks for the tickets.  Seeing Roger Clemens pitch for the Yankees was incredible" – James C. 2007
  • "I had a great time at the game.  The Yanks are the best" – Ian R. – 2007
  • "Really good game and great seats at the Mets vs. Yanks game on Father's Day" – Ron H. – 2007
  • "The tickets I won thanks to you guys were amazing! They were in the middle of the right field section 39 bleacher creatures. The most die-hard Yankee fans in
    the world. It was also just in time for Father's Day, and it made a great 
    present because I took my dad. Thanks again for the great job you guys did." – Jael D. – 2007
  • "The seats couldn't have been any better" – Lionel Y. – 2007
  • "Great seats.  Great price.  Great customer service.  Absolutely will do business with again" – Tom B. – 2007
  • "Thanks for the Front Row Right Field Bleacher seats.  We had a great time at the game" – Sue M. – 2007
  • "Thanks for the FREE tickets and a lifetime of memories.  Mariano "Mo" Rivera tossed me a souvenir baseball during the 7th inning stretch in the Left Field Bleachers" – Cheryl P. – 2007
  • "Thank you so much for helping me get a ticket at a reasonable price for the FINAL GAME at the Old Yankee Stadium directly behind home plate in the Lower Level Field Championship Seats.  I also got to sit right next to Joba Chamberlain's father.  It was an experience that I will never forget as long as I live.  Thank you YankeesFanDiscount.com for a wonderful experience.  Let's Go Yankees!!!" – Melody C. – 2008
  • "Thank you so much for selling us great seats at a reasonable price for many games this Inaugural Season at the New Yankee Stadium.  We really appreciate your assistance with getting us a wonderful view of the game" – Wendall G. – 2009
  • "We were very impressed with your seating and pricing.  We will always buy from you in the future when we need Yankee tickets" – Sabrina M. – 2009
  • "Why can't other websites have great seats at a reasonable price like you people?" – Joey T. – 2009
  • "Well, we know where we will be buying tickets to future Yankee games, that is for sure!!!" – Salvatore L. – 2009
  • "There is no doubt in our family's mind that you people really know what you are doing when it comes to customer service.  And, we are glad that you love the Yankees as much as we do.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!" – Frankie S. – 2009
  • "After doing business with you people, we want to thank you so much for selling us really good seats for a fair price.  It is surely appreciated" - Gina D. – 2009
  • "Wow, I am impressed.  Thanks again" – Michael R. – 2009
  • "If I knew that I would be able to buy really good seats at a reasonable price, I would have been buying tickets from your company years ago" – Evelyn O. – 2009
  • "You people rock.  Keep up the great work and Let's Go Yankees, yeah!!!" – Savannah B. – 2009
  • "I am going to tell everybody that I know where to buy their Yankee tickets from; except Red Sox fans, not in our house, ha ha, just kidding" – Tino T. – 2009
  • "Yes, yes, yes, I finally found a website and staff that are interested in really helping me see a Yankees game at a reasonable price.  Now that's what I'm talking about" – Benjamin G. – 2009
  • "Thanks for giving us NYFD guys a break on the price of the tickets.  It is much appreciated and we love our Yankees.  Stop by some time at our firehouse for some good food compliments of us die-hard Yankee fans" – George P – 2009
  • "The next time I need good seats at the New Yankee Stadium for a good price, I know I will be buying tickets from you again.  Thank you so very much" – Helene C. – 2009
  • "We will never forget your courtesy, professionalism and assistance in getting us really good seats at a fair price.  Thank you for all your kindness to us and the free extra goodies" – Tamara M. – 2009
  • "I had no idea that I could get great Opening Day Game Seats for a below market value price.  Thanks for making it happen.  Very nice of you" – Leonard G. – 2009
  • "Thanks for selling us the tickets at face value.  That was a real treat for us" – David H. – 2009
  • "Your website and staff are #1 in my book for sure" – Manfred D. – 2009
  • "Absoulutely INCREDIBLE!!!! The game was amazing! Thank you so much!! and I found my Gardner shirt to boot ! Thanks again, I will be in touch" – Jessica W. – 2010
  • "Thanks again.  That was a great experience for all of us.  The seats were perfect.  Have a great summer and we will keep you in mind for the next time we have a chance to get to a game" – Cindy K. – 2010
  • "It was a pleasure doing business with you.  My wife had a great time, we enjoyed the seats.  It's nice to know that in a world of corruption and scams, there are still decent people out there.  Thanks again" – Daniel C. – 2010 
  • "Thanks for helping make my stadium visit so wonderful!!!" – Karl N. – 2011
  • "You guys are the best at Customer Service.  Every company should have staff like yours.  Thanks for making our visit wonderful, it was GREAT!" – Stanley H. – 2011
  • "Hip Hip Hooray for you people and the quality of service and great pricing. You rock!"- Ginger P. – 2011
  •  "Thanks for the last minute service.  I was and am impressed" – Bethany L. – 2011
  • "My brother and his girlfriend had a great experience and a good view in Yankee Stadium.  It made it even better because they won (7-0 and a Grand Slam by Russell Martin).  Perfect for a day at the ball game.  I've seen their pictures and they were indeed very good seats!!!  A first-time visit to any MLB game (for them) that will last forever.  So "Let's Go Yankees" it was!  I'm sure that I couldn't find better tickets for this price.  An excellent value for money that couldn't be beaten.  I would like to thank you for your help and advice.  I will certainly recommend you to friends/family when they go to New York to visit Yankee Stadium.  And of course I've a perfect address as well for a next visit." – Vincent O. – 2012
  • "I only buy my New York Yankees Tickets from YankeesFanDiscount.com.  They provide superior service, great seats for a reasonable price.  No one is better than them in my opinion." – Sasha U. – 2012
  • "WOW, I was really impressed with the lighting speed of receiving my tickets via email.  Thanks for a great job on that!" – Mitch L. – 2012 
  • "My parents loved the seats and it made celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary the BEST!!!! They are die-hard Yankee Fans and have vowed to only get tickets through your company.  Many thanks and much appreciation on our end." – Miguel G. – 2012
  • "Your staff has always been very courteous and helpful to me.  I thank you and them for your professionalism.  Keep up the good work.  Much success and best wishes to everybody that works at your company."  – Henrietta J. – 2012
  • "The souvenir tickets that we bought from your company for Opening Day vs. Los Angeles Angels this season were really, really beautiful with pictures of famous New York Yankees players during big-time moments in their history.  We have framed them and will always treasure the memories that we had at Yankee Stadium.  Thanks for that and for all of your help to my family and me."  – Jeremiah D. – 2012
  • "Well, now I know where I will be getting my Yankees Home Game Tickets from now on.  Many thanks."  – Milton F. – 2012
  • "I really appreciate your taking the time to assist me with my order for my elderly grandmother.  She went to the game and could not believe how good the seats were.  Thanks for making sure that she enjoyed the game."  Cindy E. – 2012
  • "I am surely telling everybody that I know where to buy their New York Yankees Tickets from.  All of your staff knows what they are doing and are really familiar with Yankee Stadium, especially with good tips on what to see and where to go once inside there.  That place is HUGE!!!"  – Jessie A. – 2012
  • "Thank you sooooo much with the assistance in scoring me those great seats for the Yanks/Angels game this past Sunday.  We fell IN LOVE with those seats!  Even though the Yanks lost, at least it was a nail biter and exciting game.  Had a great time…thanks again.  My sister is going to friend you as she is interested in contacting you for tickets, possibly even the same seat location we sat in." – Jennifer F. – 2012
  • "Thanks and I look forward to sitting in those awesome seats again!!" – Stacey F. – 2012
  • "Thanks for the tickets.  We had a great time!"  – Raul M. – 2012
  • "To follow up on my call, we had a fantastic time at Yankee Stadium.  We got to see four games.  The tickets on the 3rd level were great.  The view was great and the lady that took care of the area was very helpful.  As I told you, it was our 50th anniversary trip and the staff person asked us where we were from and what brought us on the trip.  We told her our 50th and from Texas.  At the seventh inning stretch, a camera man came up, asked us to stand next to the railing, and they filmed up to the big screen during "God Bless America". 
    When we had questions or needed something, all the people were very helpful.  Thanks" – Arlen B. – 2012
  • "Thanks again for your assistance in purchasing the tickets and the snacks.  I had an awesome time, definitely gonna go to more games. Go Yankees!" – Keith A. – 2012

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